This could be the newest property, and depends on the heart of Amboseli National Leave.An impressive wooden walk way across green lawns and between acacia trees leads guests to an airy reception area which is artfully designed using natural materials.Guest lay in chalet-style, single story blocks which are built using local gum trees and pale state… Read More

Earwigs are gross little bugs that can make quite the scream come out of the unsuspecting housewife. If you have an infestation of these bugs in your home, you are probably going to want to call the pest control company. Before you do, take the time to understand a little more about these bugs, and what you can do to prevent them on your own.What T… Read More

What To Do If You have Bed Bugs The first thing to do if you have bed bugs is decide how serious it is. You will probably need to call a pest control specialist, but there are other things that you need to do to make sure they are gone for good.Everything that can be washed in the washer and dried in the dryer should be put in dissolvable laundry b… Read More

An effective approach to spider control is to use the knowledge that they are predators; they primarily consume other insects. So if you can reduce the other insects around your home, spiders will be less interested in hanging around. Most spiders like to hang out near light sources, as they rely on flying insects that instinctively move towards li… Read More